ESD Suppressor , High withstanding type

What is “ESD Suppressor , High withstanding type”

ESD Suppressor image ESD suppressor corresponding to ESD standards for Automotive electronics(ISO10605)

  • Excellent ESD withstanding due to discharging between electrodes inside the cavity
    -corresponding to ESD standards for automotive electronics (ISO10605), air discharge 25kV
  • Low capacitance (0.1pF)
    -Do not degrade signal quality of High-speed data line and Insertion loss of high frequency circuit
  • High rated voltage (DC 50V)
    -Small risk of malfunction and transmission error caused by emission noise and conduction noise

ESD Controls for Automotive LAN (Ethernet) *Introduction of related articles


  • Flowing ESD current to GND by discharging between inner electrodes inside the cavity
  • Passing normal signal through to the protected element
  • Dimensions
  • Dimensions of ESD Suppressor , High withstanding type

    Dimension (mm)
    L 1.60±0.15
    W 0.80±0.15
    T 0.80±0.15
    a 0.30±0.20
  • Constructions
  • Constructions of ESD Suppressor , High withstanding type

  • ESD suppression waveform
  • ESD suppression waveform

    ESD test condition :
    air discharge 25kV

Electric charateristics
Appearance Part number Catalog Capacitance(pF)
at 1MHz
Peak voltage(V) Leakage current(μA) Rated voltage(V) ESD withstanding
ESD Suppressor image EZAEG3W11AV Datasheet 0.10+0.10/-0.08 1000 max.
(700 typ.)
1000 max.
(700 typ.)
DC 50 max. ISO10605
air discharge 25kV

Example of use

Automotive network(CAN,Ethernet)

Automotive network

Realize both signal quality and ESD protection by combining ESD suppressor and Common mode filter

RF circuit(vehicle antenna)

RF circuit (vehicle antenna)

  • Role of TVS diode : Protection of protected device(FET,LNA)
  • Role of ESD suppressor : Protection of TVS diode

Realize protection of High ESD voltage

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