ERZU23JP102 : Varistors (ZNR Surge Absorber)

Varistors (ZNR Surge Absorber)

Varistor For Thyristor Protection, Type: E/J

Parts no

Item Performance characteristics
Series C
Element Size -
Lead Type -
Lead Spacing L (mm) -
Lead Spacing W (mm) 92.0
Lead diameter (mm) -
Width (mm) 188.0
Thickness [SMD: Length] (mm) 104.0
Height (mm) 102.0
Varistor Voltage (V) 1000
Varistor Voltage (Range) (V) 968 - 1055
Maximum Allowable Voltage ACrms (V) 484
Maximum Allowable Voltage DC (V) 686
Clamping Voltage (max) (V) 1520
Rated Power (W) 2.40
Maximum Energy (2ms) (J) 1920.0
Maximum Peak Current (8/20 µs) (A) 35000
Capacitance (max) (pF) 3400
Packaging -
Weight (Typ.) (g) 800.00

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