ERZA5F201BC : Varistors (ZNR Surge Absorber)

Varistors (ZNR Surge Absorber)

Varistor Unit

Parts no

Item Performance characteristics
Series -
Element Size 20 Series
Lead Type -
Lead Spacing L (mm) -
Lead Spacing W (mm) -
Lead diameter (mm) -
Width (mm) 105.0
Thickness [SMD: Length] (mm) 83.0
Height (mm) 160.0
Varistor Voltage (V) 200
Varistor Voltage (Range) (V) 180 - 220
Maximum Allowable Voltage ACrms (V) -
Maximum Allowable Voltage DC (V) 110
Clamping Voltage (max) (V) 340
Rated Power (W) -
Maximum Energy (2ms) (J) -
Maximum Peak Current (8/20 µs) (A) 5000
Capacitance (max) (pF) -
Packaging Bulk
Weight (Typ.) (g) 530.00

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