Metallized Single Copper Layer

EYJB(T) type

  • Shield layer metallized copper is formed by vacuum evaporating oxygen-free copper on ultra thin PET film. Rust stopping layer of benzotriazole derivative(BTA) is formed on the surface of shield layer.
  • This products are all provided in a form of roll.


  • -Slit at narrow width because of adoption of thin film PET.
  • -High elongation allows spiral winding on round surfaces.
  • -Realized surface resistance of 0.02Ω/□.
    (Products of copper thickness 1.0µm)


Shield Characteristics

Example of Use

  • -Shield for Coaxial Cable of Ultra Thin Wire
  • -Shield for Coaxial Cable of High Frequency Transmission
  • -Shield Coating Material of Soft Gasket

Example of product specification

Part number Film Thickness
Copper thickness
Product width
Product length
Core diameter
EYJBTB04092L 4 0.1 92 10,600 75
EYJBTB05092L 5 0.1 92 10,600 75
EYJBTC04092U 4 0.3 92 10,600 75
EYJBTD06115U 6 1 115 5,300 75

Example of order product number

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