Aspherical Glass Lenses

High coupling efficiency, high tolerance thanks to the aspherical form. Flexible lens design is available.
High quality and high reliability can be achieved by the integrated molding method of a glass and a metal case.
Environmentally friendly RoHS compliant products.


Product Overview

  • CAN type
    CAN type
    Aspherical Glass Lenses CAN type
  • Barrel type
    Barrel type
    Aspherical Glass Lenses
  • Without a barrel
    Without a barrel
    Aspherical Glass Lenses

checkmarkAdvantages of Aspherical Glass Lens 1

Spherical lenses cannot focus light properly. Need two spherical lenses to correct it.
While, an aspherical lens can focus light on a single point.

different Spherical lens , Aspherical lens

checkmark Advantages of Aspherical Glass Lens 2

Spherical lenses have low coupling efficiency and narrow optical axis.
Aspherical lenses have greater tolerance and easy to adjust with LD chips.

Simulation of Coupling Efficiency (CAN type)

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  • Optical communication network system

    Optical communication network system

  • Optical communication network system
  • A pickup lens for optical disks

    Optical sensor

  • Laser devices such as LD projectors

    Laser projector

  • Laser projector
  • A collimation Lens for LBP


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Element Technology

  • Industrial-top-class super high precision molding die processing technology for lenses
  • High precision molding technology that can achieve low aberration
  • Integrated molding technology of high hermitical barrel and a lens
  • Optical design technology , resistant to tolerance

Element Technology

Element Technology

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