MN103L Series embedded Panasonic core

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Product Overview

MN103LSeries MCU embedded 32-bit flash MCU with Panasonic original 32-bit CPU named "AM32R", have a good balance between high speed processing ability and low power consumption.
They can contribute to create the automotive audio system, because of the built-in vehicle network(CAN/IE), abundant ROM/RAM size expansion, various peripheral functions and lower susceptibility of electro magnetic.


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Automotive AV System, Home Appliances System Control

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  • 32-bit CPU original core with high-speed calculation ability and low-power consumption
  • Abundant series models including vehicle bus scalability can satisfy the request of system's scalability
  • Abundant lineup with up to 2MB(ROM) and 176-pin counts

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Added Value

  • System cost can be reduced according to the processing ability and functions depending on customer's system
  • Development of green product is possible because of the low power consumption while operating or standing by
  • System development man-hour can be reduced by using the same platform for the products from low-end to high-end

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