MN101E49K : 8bit Low Power MN101E

8bit Low Power MN101E

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Item Performance characteristics
Product Lifecycle Stage Mass Production
Applications Automotive Network
ROM Size (KB) 256
ROM Type Mask ROM
RAM Size (KB) 12
Pin Count 100
Max Operating Frequency (MHz) 12.58
8-bit Timer (channel) 9
16-bit Timer (channel) 1
PWM (channel) 3
3-Phase PWM Output Function (set) -
Serial I/F [Clock Synchronous] (channel) 5
Serial I/F [UART] (channel) 3
Serial I/F [I2C] (channel) 2
Serial I/F [LIN] (channel) -
Serial I/F [CAN] (channel) -
Serial I/F [Remarks] Sync./UART x3,Sync./I2C x2
USB Device (channel) -
DMA (channel) 2
ADC [10bit] (channel) 8
Over 14bit ADC (channel) -
ADC [Remarks] 10bit x 1unit
DAC [8bit] (channel) -
Op Amp -
Min Instruction Exec. Time / Voltage (ns/V) 79.4 / 2.7 to 3.6
Max Operating Voltage (V) 3.6
Min Operating Voltage (V) 2.7
Number of I/O Ports (channel) 85
Interrupt Sources (channel) 29
External Interrupt (channel) 6
LCD [SEG] (channel) -
LCD [COM] (channel) -
External Bus Expansion -
High Speed On Chip Oscillator Frequency (MHz) -
Low Speed On Chip Oscillator Frequency (kHz) 125
Power On Reset -
Low Voltage Detection -
Watch Dog Timer (channel) 2
Package LQFP100-P-1414
RoHS (Compliance Certificate) Available
REACH (Report of Confirmation) Available