LED backlight drivers

LED Backlight Driver
No Change in Capacitance Due to DC Bias

• Ceramic X7R experiences reduced capacitance due to applied bias voltage.

→Film capacitor does not experience a reduction of capacitance.

[DC Bias Characteristics Data]
DC Bias Characteristics Data
No Noise

• In some cases, a noise is generated (piezoelectric effect) when Ceramic X7R is used in AC circuits.

→Use of a film capacitor prevents noise.

[Noise Measurement Data]
Noise Measurement Data
Low Impedance

• Film capacitor has high noise absorbency due to low ESR.

[Impedance Characteristics Data]
Impedance Characteristics Data
Stable Temperature Characteristics

• Set circuit movements are stable due to stable temperature characteristics.

[Temperature Characteristic Data]
Temperature Characteristic Data
Primary Applications

• Mobile Phones • PHS • PDAs • W-LANs

Additional Advantages

• Ceramic X7R noise countermeasure
• Low ESR, stable capacity

Recommended Products

50 ~ 100VDC : 0.1µF ~ 1.0µF