High Precision Chip Resistors

Line-up with resistance tolerance range of ±0.05%~±0.5%
Thin film resistors realizes both high accuracy and high reliability(155℃,THB guaranteed)


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Product features (Thin Film Chip Resistors)

check mark High reliability

Reliable performance under high temperature and humidity

Humidity resistance test (85oC, 85% RH, rated load)

check mark High precision

Low resistance tolerance and low temperature coefficient of resistance

Sputtering & Photolithography image

check mark High performance

Excellent current-noise characteristics and linearity of temperature coefficient of resistance

Current noise characteristics & Linearity of temperature coefficient of resistance graph

Process flow (resistive element)

Resistance element film deposition

Method: Sputtering

⇒High precision and high reliability resistors achieved by reducing the film thickness and the variations in film thickness and quality

Resistance element film deposition
Resistive element pattern forming

Method: Photolithography and etching

⇒High precision resistors achieved by micromachining technology,which minimizes variations

Resistive element pattern forming

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・Automotive/industrial  High reliability at high temperatures (10 ppm/K, ±0.05%)
・ICT  Ultraminiature size (1A 0603 size), low noise, low distortion

Automotive application examples

For excellent environmental friendliness (high fuel efficiency), safety, and comfort

Automotive application examples
(Intelligent power module)
(Electric power steering)
(Steering angle sensor)
(Anti-lock brake system)

ICT application examples

For excellent environmental friendliness (low power consumption), safety, and comfort

ICT application examples1ICT application examples2

Industrial application examples

For equipment precision improvement

  • Precision processing machines

    Precision processing machines
  • Industrial robots

    Industrial robots
  • Electronic measuring

    Electronic measuring instruments
  • Power supply

    Power supply
  • Mass flow controller

    Mass flow controller

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