Lens Driver ICs for camcorder and camera

Product Overview

We provides a lineup of lens driver ICs that enable a zoom and focus control and iris control automatically. We also provide driver ICs driving various motors/coils for mirror/shutter operation as well as lens autofocus required for digital single-lens reflex cameras (DSLRs). In addition, we provide a single-chip solution integrating these functions.

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Lens Driver ICs for camcorder and camera

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  1. This single-chip LSI features zoom, focus and iris functions, dramatically reduces the package size and external parts. Thus, this LSI achieves miniaturization of mounting board and eventually reduce camera size.
  2. Realizing super low noise by adopting a microstepping drive with built-n correction circuit for zoom and focus.
    (built-in correction circuits)
    - Amplitude correction circuit: correct an imbalance of back EMF occurs at each coil by the current adjustment of each phase.
    - Phase correction circuit: correct a phase difference between coils with the adjustment resolution of 0.7 degree.
  3. Iris drive realizes low power consumption by adopting the PWM
    This LSI places an LPF of variable cut-off frequency and noise reduction circuit around PID circuits to dramatically reduce the influences of noise against various iris mechanical characteristics.

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1-Chip Lens Driver

1-Chip Lens Driver Application

1-Chip Iris Driver

1-Chip Iris Driver Application

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