3-Phase Brushless DC Motor Driver ICs

Product Overview

Our 3-phase Brushless DC motor driver ICs provide sine-wave PWM drive with one Hall sensor to reduce the component count, size, and noise of a motor module, which are best suited for a cooling fan and can also be applied to air conditioner, electric fan and other home appliances.


3-Phase Brushless DC Motor Driver ICs

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With the rotor position detector and sine-wave PWM drive with one Hall sensor, and the Realtime-Auto-Phase-Correction,

  1. Allow the reduce of components of motor products, so it comes reduction of BOM cost.
  2. Feature with Realtime-Auto-Phase-Correction and hence development time can be reduced by cutting down manual adjustment or fine tuning process.
  3. Achieve low noise operation by adopting full sine wave output driving current.
  4. Maximize efficiency, torque and speed.
  5. Built-in standby function for power-saving purpose.

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3-Phase Motor Driver ICs Sample Circuit

3-Phase Motor Driver ICs Application

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