SMD type HF Series (For automotive use)


  • With small size, contributing to mount space saving in power supply circuits in ECU
  • Conforming to load dump surge test of JASO A-1, ISO7637-2
  • Conforming to AEC Q-200
  • Conforming to ISO/TS16949
  • Achieving high reliability suitable for in-vehicle installation
    High temperature load: 2000hours at125℃
    Heat cycle: within the range of -40 to 125℃
  • Applicable to flow, reflow and hand soldering

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checkVarious usage in ECU

各種ECUへの使用例 Various usage in ECU img

checkControl mechanism

抑制メカニズム Control mechanism img

・ Load dump surge is generated when the battery line is disconnected while the alternator is generating power.  →Bypass the surge current to the GND to protect ECU

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Characteristics of products

  • checkAppearance /Structure

    Molded with resin
    Absorb large energy with small body

    外観/構造 Appearance /Structure img

  • checkBasic characteristic

    The characteristics:
    same as Zener diode and having no polarity

    基本特性 Basic characteristic img

  • checkReplacing TVS with Varistor

    Contributing to the reduction in size and weight of ECU

    ツェナダイオードからの置換え Replacing TVS with Varistor img

  • checkCharacteristics of products JASO A-1 test (P/N:ERZHF2M220D)

    JASO A-1サージ性能 Characteristics of products JASO A-1 img test

  • check Characteristics of products ISO7637-2 test

    ■Test Pulse 5a (12V system)

    test1 imgtest2 imgtest3 img

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Elemental technology

Increasing effective volume and surge tolerance realizes
miniaturization and weight reduction of components.

  • checkZener diode

    youso1 ツェナダイオード Zener diode img

  • checkERZHF2M220D

    ERZHFシリーズ ERZHF2M220D img

Product Specifications

Parts No. Varistor Voltage
V1mA (V)
Maximum Allowable Voltage
 DC (V)
Short Time
Clamping Voltage Ip 5(A)
Load Dump
ERZHF2M220D  20~ 23.2 16  DC24(V) 5 min. 35(V) max.  JASO A Category: A-1
70 V, 1 time
ERZHF2M270 27±20 % 43(V) max.

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