ECWU Series Product Descriptions

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  Compact size, lightweight/Only for use with reflow soldering
Line up
Type Mounting MethodStandards/Temperature Range Capacitance ToleranceVoltageCapacitance
ECWU/(X)/ECWU/(C) Reflow
ECWU(C) Reflow
ECWU(C) Reflow
ECWU(V16) Reflow
ECWU is constructed of a maximum of 2,500 layers of ultra-thin dielectric film.
Element External Electrode
No Change in Capacitance Due to DC Bias
•  Ceramic X7R experiences reduced capacitance due to applied bias voltage.
Film capacitor does not experience a reduction of capacitance.
[DC Bias Characteristics Data]
Stable Temperature Characteristics
•  Set circuit movements are stable due to stable temperature characteristics.
Comparison With Other Companies' Products(vs. Ceramic B Characteristics)
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