ECPU Series Product Descriptions

  ECPU Series Product Descriptions
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  Low ESR/Compact size, large capacitance/Only for use with reflow soldering
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Type Mounting MethodStandards/Temperature Range Capacitance ToleranceVoltageCapacitance

* Case size 1206 with 1.0µF / 10V product is also available.
ECPU is constructed of a maximum of 3,500 layers of ultra-thin dielectrics.
Element External Electrode
Low Impedance
•  Film capacitor has high noise absorbency due to low ESR.
When film capacitor is used, the capacitance can be reduced to 1/10 of that of Tantalum capacitor.
• Measurement Circuits
[Output at 200kHz] ↑:20mV/div →:1µs/div.
Film1.0µF(88mV) AI Electrolysis 10µF(84mV) Tantalum 10µF(85mV)
[Output at 1MHz]
Film 1.0µF(22mV) AI Electrolysis 10µF(50mV) Tantalum 10µF(50mV)
•  High noise absorption is achieved due to low ESR.
Stable Temperature Caracteristic
•  Set circuit movements are stable due to stable temperature characteristics.
Fast Lockup Time
•  Reduction of lockup time is made possible due to film capacitor's low dielectric absorption.
Low Distortion
•  Compared to Ceramic X7R characteristics and tantalum capacitors, the distortion and noise levels are low and high sound quality of set is achieved.
No Shock Noise
•  Film capacitors do not generate shock noise because they do not experience piezoelectric effect.
    When mechanical shocks, such as a light tapping on the board occur, shock noise is generated.
No Change in Capacitance Due to DC Bias
•  Ceramic X7R experiences reduced capacitance due to applied bias voltage.
Film capacitor does not experience a reduction of capacitance.
[DC Bias Characteristics Data]
Comparison With Other Companies' Products(vs. Tantalum capacitors)
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