EEFCD1A330ER : Conductive Polymer Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors (SP-Cap) (Discontinued products)

Conductive Polymer Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors (SP-Cap)


Parts no
EEFCD1A330ER Discontinued products

Item Performance characteristics
Recommended replacement -
Body shape Surface mount type (rectangular style)
Rated voltage (V) 10.00
Capacitance (µF) 33.00
Tolerance on capacitance (%) -20 - 20
Tangent of loss angle (max.) 0.06
Equivalent series resistance (max. value) (mΩ) 25.00
Leakage current (max.) (µA) 33.0
Category temperature range (°C) -40 - 105
Body diameter -
Body length (mm) 7.30
Body width (mm) 4.30
Body height (mm) 1.80
Rated ripple current (freq.) (Hz) 100000
Rated ripple current (A) 1.8
Rated ripple current (unit) Arms
Impedance (frequency) -
Impedance (max. value) -
Equivalent series resistance (frequency) (Hz) 100000
Endurance (h) 1000
Forming & packaging feature Embossed carrier taping (reel packing, seal packing of prevention of moisture)
Quantity (min. packaging unit) (piece) 3500