Thermal conductive sheet PGS Graphite Sheet(GraphiteTIM):Design Support

Design Support Tool

  • Power module compatible
    GraphiteTIM Search Tool

    This tool allows you to enter/select the part numbers of power modules to find the part numbers of Panasonic graphite sheets (Graphite
    TIM) compatible with the modules.
    〈Posted power module manufacturer〉
     ・Hitachi ・Mitsubishi ・Fuji ・Infineon ・SEMIKRON

    Power module compatibleGraphiteTIM Search Tool

      Technical document

      • Technical Information

        Basic Knowledge of Thermal Management

        Basic Knowledge of Thermal Management

        This document explains what thermal energy is, the importance of thermal countermeasures, thermal planning and thermal countermeasures, and other fundamental information about them in an easy-to-understand way.


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