Ultrasonic Gas Flow Sensor GB-L1CM1

The GB-L1CM1 Sensor provides gas flow and concentration sensing functions
It’s unique ultrasonic design provides highly accurate gas measurements
including Hydrogen(H2)
The sensor proprietary design has 10 year proven history


  • Having two gas sensing functionalities (flow and propagation time*) in one
  • Low pressure loss due to absence of obstructing objects within flow path
  • Because of its high sensitivity provides high measurement accuracy including Hydrogen gas
  • Low voltage input allows it to be battery operate
  • Sensor has an extremely small footprint which permit compact designs

*Need to calculate from output data for measuring concentration


Ideal gas flow and concentration measurements for the following applications:

  • Medical equipment (ex: anesthesia machines , oxygen concentrators , etc )
  • Industrial equipment (ex: gas purifiers, etc )
  • Food and Pharmaceutical equipment (ex: packaging apparatus , etc )


Item GB-L1CM1 Remarks
Flow range 1.0 L/min to 25 L/min
Instrument error accuracy ±3.0% R.D Air (Characteristics at 25°C)
Applicable gas Air, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, helium, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, argon, etc. Please contact us for details.
Power supply voltage 3.0 to 5.0 V (Maximum 5.5 V) Depends on the type of applied gas.
Current consumption 10mA
Output data Flow, propagation time, temperature, mean molecular weight* UART communication, * Optional
Operating temperature/humidity range -10~+60℃ ,  0~95%RH Freezing or condensation should not occur.
Maximum allowable pressure 500kPa
Pressure loss 150Pa 25L/min
Flow channel material PPS
Outside dimensions/mass W78 mm x H32.7 mm x D47 mm/72 g

Measurement performance

The data is for reference only and does not represent guaranteed performance.