TOF Camera

Taking high definition depth image data is possible on small size camera module of easy built-in for the equipment
Possible to use depth image and color image data taking from the same point of view (RGB type)
Detection 3D shape without shade by parallax on the TOF method




  • Specialized to output image data
  • Equipped necessary function of TOF camera (Arithmetic and collection processing)
  • Simple system and low cost (Parallel I/F)


<Wide angle>

Output image


[remark] NIR output image : depth + NIR only

Introduction movie

Product Lineup

Application FOV RGB type NIR type
Indoor Standard (H) 55° GC1N GC4N
Wide (H) 90° GC1W GC4W
Outdoor Standard (H) 55° - HC4N *under developing
Wide (H) 90° - HC4W

<RGB>:Get color image, depth image definition 320H x 240V [pix]
<NIR>:Get NIR image, depth image definition 640H x 480V [pix]

Specification list

  GC1:Indoor/RGB GC4:Indoor/NIR HC4:Outdoor/NIR
Image sensor CCD Image Sensor for Depth Map Image VGA Type Size : ¼”(approx. 300K points)
Points of Depth map 320 x 240
(approx. 77K points)
640 x 480
(approx. 300K points)
640 x 480
(approx. 300K points)
Points of RGB Image 640 x 480 - -
Points of NIR Image 320 x 240 640 x 480 640 x 480
Frame rate 24 [fps] max 30 [fps] max 30 [fps] max
Field of view Standard Type : 55 [deg] H x 41 [deg] V / Wide type : 90 [deg] H x 70 [deg] V 
Operating Ambient temp. 0 to +40 [℃]
Light source LD (Class1), 855 [nm] LD (Class1), 940 [nm]
Input/ Output I/F Parallel Connector (Specifically assigned pins)
Dimensions of outline W 100 x H 65 x D 24 [mm] (D 46.8 with USB3.0 I/F board)
Weight Approx. 150 [g] (approx. 180 [g] with USB3.0 I/F board)
Power supply DC 5 [V] x 4 [A]

[NOTE] All values above are reference data under the conditions of Panasonic's factory.


The unit which need to detect the shape and size including the depth information, like Robot, AGV, FA, Transportation, Elderly care and etc.


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