EXCX4CZ040X : Common mode Noise Filters

Common mode Noise Filters

Common Mode Noise Filters (X4CZ_0202 small size, Wide band width)

Parts no

Item Performance characteristics
AEC-Q200 compliant -
Size [L×W] (mm) 0.65×0.5
Height (mm) 0.3
Impedance [Common Mode] (Ω) 4
Impedance tolerance (%) ±2Ω
Rated Voltage [DC] (V) 5
Rated Current [DC] (mA) 100
DC Resistance [max.] (Ω) 1.0±30%
Number of circuit 1
Category Temperature Range (°C) -40 to 85
Packing Pressed Carrier Taping, 2 mm pitch
Weight (Typ.) (mg) 0.28

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