Common mode Noise Filters

Wide range lineup(Small size or Array type) for common mode noise suppression.
Good signal integrity for high bit rate data transmission.
Wide pass-band for differential signal.
Simple multi-layer structure.
Good durability and mounting reliability.


This video gives you a detailed description of the features of the Common mode Noise Filters and how to choose the filter fit to your needs. In digital data communication, which has become faster in recent years, measures for eliminating common mode noise are essential, and the Common mode Noise Filters are used as such measures.
Panasonic offers a wide lineup of Common mode Noise Filters compatible with such high-speed interfaces as USB3.2 Gen1 and HDMI2.1.

What is Common Mode Noise Filter(CMNF)?

Noise suppression device used for signal integrity enhancement and common mode noise suppression in differential signal system

Function of common mode noise filter

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Panasonic offer wide range lineup(Small size type and Array type ) for common mode noise suppression

Common Mode Noise Filter(CMNF) single imageUnit: mm (typ.)
Common Mode Noise Filter(CMNF) array imageUnit: mm (typ.)

Common Mode Noise Filter(CMNF) size image

Common Mode Noise Filter(CMNF) Impedance image

Differential mode cut-off frequency is key point to keep good signal integrity.
Best matched components are available.

■Example of transmission speed in High speed differential signal

Example of  transmission speed in High speed  differential signal

High cut-off frequency is needed to pass data signal ≧ About 1.5 times of the max Data rate


■Differential mode cut-off frequency

Differential mode cut-off frequency

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Common Mode Noise Filter(CMNF) image

Simple Ceramic multi-layer structure

  • ① Coil
  • Best performance for heat-resistance by pure Ag coil
  • ② Glass Ceramics/Non-magnetic Ferrite
    ③ Magnetic Ferrite
  • Strong device strength by co-fired Multi-layer structure
  • ④ Outer Electrode
  • ●Good performance to the mounting reliability
    ● Strong terminal strength by fired termination

Top level component technology for downsizing by multilayer method

  • ① Coil
  • TOP level fine pattern in electronic device industry
    ・Easy for downsizing
    ・High common mode impedance
    ・Low DC Resistance
    Coil paturn image
  • ② Glass Ceramics
  • Originally developed Low ε glass
    ・Reduced parasitic capacitance between coils
    ・Keep good signal integrity
    ・Matched characteristic impedance on differential mode signal
    ガラスセラミックス image
  • ③ Magnetic Ferrite
  • ・Attenuate high frequency noise by increasing an attenuation for high frequency noise
    ・Enhance magnetic coupling by optimize of magnetic-multilayer structure

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Noise suppression on differential transmission line

Noise suppression on differential transmission line

  • LVDS/MIPI/V-by-One/eDP

    Application of LVDS/MIPI/V-by-One/eDP

  • HDMI1.4・2.0/MHL1.0・2.0

    Application of HDMI1.4・2.0/MHL1.0・2.0

  • LAN(100/1000Base-T)

    Application of LAN(100/1000Base-T)

  • USB2.0/USB3.0

    Application of USB2.0/USB3.0

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