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[Responses may be delayed due to the close of Company Headquarters]
We will be closed from April 29 to May 6 (Japan Standard Time) for the Japan’s Golden Week holidays of Company Headquarters.
We will resume our regular operation from May 7.
The responses to your inquiries may be delayed during this period.
We will appreciate for your understanding. Thank you very much.

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Frequently Asked Questions

Inquiries for Industrial Devices

Passive Components [ Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors(Coils), EMC Components, Fuses, Thermistors ]
[ Zener Diodes ]
Connecting Components [ Switches, Optical Components ]
[ Relays (Open new window), Connectors (Open new window), Optical Devices (Open new window) ]
[ Light Emitting Diodes ]
Sensors [ Sensors: MR Sensors, Angular Rate Sensors, Position Sensors, Current Sensor ]
[ Sensors: Light Sensor (Open new window), Motion Sensor (Open new window), Pressure Sensors (Open new window), Non-Contact Switch (Open new window) ]
[ Sensors for Factory Automation (Open new window) ]
Speakers / others [ Speakers, Communication Network Devices ]
Industrial Devices [ In/Out Units, Other Industrial Devices ]
Printed Wiring Board / Modules [ Printed Wiring Board, Hybrid IC ]
Materials [ Thermal Solution(PGS Graphite Sheet), Thin-Film Device Applied Components ]
[ Semiconductor Encapsulation Materials (Open new window), Plastic Molding Compounds (Open new window), Precision Molded Plastic Products (Open new window) ]
[ Circuit Board Materials (Open new window), Advanced Films (Open new window) ]
[ Other Materials ]
Semiconductors [ Microcomputers, Application-Specific Standard-Product, Discrete Devices, Opto Electronic Devices, Power Devices, Imagesensors, System LSIs ]
Storages, Supplies [ Drive unit(optional recording system), Recording Media ]
Batteries & Energy Products [ OEM Batteries, Chargers ]
Factory Automation [ FA, Laser Processing / Soldering Machine, Welding Systems ]
Motors, Compressors, Others [ Motor for FA & Industrial application, Motor for HA & Automotive, Compressor, Pump ]
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Inquiries for Repairs and After-sales Service

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