Custom - Ordered

EYJB(H) type

  • Based on EYJB(B) type, respond to individual requests from customers such as multi-functionalization by sticking different types of sheets together or increasing operational efficiency by adopting transfer film.
  • ex.)
  • Stacked with insulation sheet => Provide partial insulation
  • Stacked with electromagnetic wave absorption sheet => Provide noise absorption


  • -High accurate Piercing processing (Processing accuracy:±0.2mm)
  • -Various types of sheets can be stacked with high accuracy.


  • *It is possible to use customer-specified material according to customer's request.

Shield Characteristics

Example of Use

  • -Shield Film for Electronic Devices
    (Out-In Camera, HDD Chassis)
  • -Gaskets for Mobile Devices

Example of order product number

Example of Workability Improvement

  • [1]Shield film is between Separator film and transfer film.
  • [2]Separator film is torn away .
  • [3]Reversed shield film is attached to the given position.
  • Shield film can be attached to the given position by attaching Separator film because the position is determined by transfer film dimension.
  • [4]Shield film can be precisely attached to a product by tearing away Separator film without direct touch

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