Manufacturing Operations Optimizer(MFO)

Manufacturing operations optimizer MFO

MFO as Digital Twin realizes simulation of entire production for SMT floor.
MFO automatically analyzes environmental conditions on-the-spot, parameters, and PCB data and creates production plans that almost coincide with practice, which will be sent to Asprova, leading to greater accuracy in developing production plans of mounting processes.

Providing solutions for:

  • Creating SMT production plans with optimized changeovers
  • Creating production plans that take common set up for feeders and parts layout
  • Streamlining operations and improving efficiency on making plans
  • Getting rid of the situation where persons in charge can't get time off
  • Creating SMT production data  based on production plans
  • Performing simulations for productivity improvement   
    e.g. efficient production line configuration, building additional facilities, operator flow line

What is particular about MFO?

Extensive Constraints Functions

Creating SMT producion plans at a high speed in line with constraints such as feeders, feeder carts, dual lane production, independent mode production, shared more production, and etc.

Global Support

Support language is Japanese, Chinese and English, providing global sales networks and services in US, EU, East and South Asia as well as Japan.

Producing Plenty of Output

Provide necessary information for SMT line operation
e.g. SMT production plans, off-line setup plans, in-line setup plans, picking information, reel feeder layout set up part information for changeover

Main Features are

Optimizing production plans
Optimizing off-line setup
Automatic production program generation
SMT process simulation

What do you do with a floor layout?

Setting line configuration for production plans and simulations
Entering operator positions
Easily-to-use; operating with a mouse

How does a Gantt chart work?

Illustrating a schedule based on capacity utilization and various constraints automatically
Showing production plans by mounter/lane
Easily-to-use; operating with a mouse when you change plans

How does an off-line setup plan work?

Visual display for off-line set up plans for each machine and lane
Outputting to CSV file

How does an in-line setup plan work?

Visual display for in-line set up plans for each machine and lane
Outputting to CSV file