Arm® Cortex®-M7 MCUs MN1M7

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Product Overview

MN1M7 Series MCU is a 32-bit MCU with Arm Cortex M7, which have a good balance between high speed processing ability and low power consumption.
High speed/high-precision analog functions and assist functions are embedded, which can satisfy the request of motor control and power control.
Accessing EEPROM becomes more efficient by using RWW(Read While Write) flash.
They can contribute to the power management system which needs high-efficiency, super low-power consumption and miniaturization.


* Refer to Microcomputers Lineup to check the pin-pitch

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Automotive Powertrain, Power Control, Motor Control, Battery Control, Inverter Control, Converter Control, Power (GaN/SiC) Control

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  • Arm Cortex M7 with high-speed calculation ability and high speed processing
  • High-performance and high resolution PWM and noise protection are embedded, which can satisfy the request of power control
  • Functional safety and security features are embedded to realize the safety/security of product

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Added Value

  • Possible to improve the efficiency because of the high speed and optimal feedback process
  • Redevelopment can be avoided with noise auto avoidance function
  • Easy to satisfy the request of the system functional safety

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Download the technology documents from here, such as datasheet, LSI manual, etc. (Click the product name)


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