UA3P for Mechanical Parts : Ultrahigh Accurate 3-D Profilometer

Model name UA3P-400L
Appearance UA3P-400L
Main body external dimensions 900(width) x 1230(depth) x 1535(height) mm (excludes monitor protrusion)
*Space for maintenance is basically required: 60cm around the instruments.
Main body mass 700kg
Measurement range 100(X) × 100(Y) × 50(height) mm
Maximum size of object to be measured 200(X) × 200(Y) × 1100(height) mm
Maximum sample mass 10kg
Scale He-Ne frequency stabilized laser
Measurement accuracy by coordinate axis 100 mm max.: 0.05 µm (Repeatability 0.05 µm max.)
Measurement angle 45 to 90 degrees
Probe measurement force 0.3 to 1.0mN (30 to 100mgf)
Measurement speed 0.01 to 5mm/s
Probe measurement accuracy
(stylus: standard ruby)
±0.15 μm (when measuring 90 degrees slope)
Probe manipulation Keyboard, Mouse or joystick operation available
Software NC auto-generation for side measurement, Auto-alignment (Includes probe radius offset), Data editing, Auto-centering, Monitoring while measuring, 3D color graph, Measurement origin operation, Point array data output, Cylindricality, Sphericity, Flatness, Cylindrical shape evaluation function, etc
Usage environment 20 to 25̊°C (maintained within ±1°C) in a controlled room
Humidity (20 to 60%), Minimal dust, Clean area, Free of vibration & Shock level area, Air should not directly flow against the machine
Clean room level: Class 15,000 or lower (dust particle size)
Vibration acceleration level below 2.0cm/s2 (=2.0gal)