EYLGMFB507A : Aspherical Glass Lenses

Aspherical Glass Lenses

Lenses for Optical Communications

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Item Performance characteristics
Lens Type Coupling Lens (CAN type)
Design Wavelength (nm) 1550
Suitable Wavelength(T>97%) (nm) 1260 to 1625
CG materrial/thickness (mm) -
Focal Length (mm) 0.95
Working Distance (mm) 2.00
Conjugate Distance (mm) 7.4
Magnification 3
N.A S1 0.53
N.A S2 0.17
Effective DiameterS1 (mm) 1
Effective DiameterS2 (mm) 1.30
Beam Diameter (mm) -
Lens Diameter (mm) 4.9
Lens Heigth (mm) 4.2
Lens Thickness (mm) -
Glass Material K-VC89
Weight(Typ.) (mg) 247.8

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