Window film for architecture | MUAH4

Window film for architecture


  1. Excellent workability
  2. High transparency
  3. Reliable Anti-Scattering performance

Product features

Product name Product number
Window film for architecture Fine Tiara MUAH4



General properties

Item Unit Anti-Scattering type Anti-Reflection type Heat shield type
Base film (PET) thickness μm 50 50,100 50
UV transmittance % <1.5 <1.5 <1.5
Visible light transmittance % 91 93 67
Visible light reflectance ratio % 5 0.7
Shading coefficient 0.97 0.59
Remarks Mass production Under development Under development

* Wavelength region of the sun’s rays UV: 300nm ~ 380nm, Visible light: 380nm ~ 780nm, Solar radiation: 300nm ~ 2500nm
* Optical properties measurement: JIS A 5759 : 2008
* The ratio of the solar radiation entering the room when you paste the film in the case of glass as 1.00.

The above data is actual values and not guaranteed values.