Improved versatility
  • Supporting LCD panels measuring 1- to 7-inch
  • Enables two sided bonding/double-panel transport of panels up to the maximum permissible size of 7-inch and realizes high versatility for panels including even the one for Mini Tablet PC
Actualization of high accuracy bonding
  • A new high-rigidity one by one single head used for the pre-bonding head
  • Perfect fixed-point bonding realized through the pre-bonding head movement that was simplified so that the head only moves vertically or rotates (micro)
  • Improved recognition performance realized through installation of the high-resolution camera into the pre-bonding process
Actualization of high productivity
  • Installation of the new high-speed flip head to the pre-bonding unit realizes the direct pickup and high-speed flip-chip transport of ICs from the IC supply unit
  • Installation of the new compact-sized IC supply unit minimizes the distance travelled from the IC supply unit
  • Non-stop supply of ICs realized through installation of the alternate function attributed to the double-staged IC supply unit
Pursuit of high quality
  • Use of the new high rigid head frame for the final bonding unit. Minimizes reaction forces under pressure conditions and also the shift amount of ICs at the final bonding unit
  • Lowered damage to ICs achieved through a reduction in the number of times ICs in the supply unit need to be handled to 2 times, as compared to 4 times our conventional machine needs to handle
  • Unfailing IC pickup realized through recognition prior to the pickup of ICs plus X-Y correction
    (standard feature) and θ-correction (optional feature)
Model ID FPX005CG
Model No. NM-EFL1MC (Normal Flow:Left to Right) / NM-EFL1MC-M (Reverse Flow:Right to Left)
Panel Size (mm) L 30 x W 25 to L 165 x W 100 (equal to 1- to 7-inch)
Glass thickness:0.3 to 1.1 Total panel thickness:0.6 to 2.5
Cycle Time 3.0 s / panel*1
Final Bonding Accuracy*2 For panels measuring 1 IC / 5-inch after final bonding XY: ±3 µm / 3σ
For other conditions, XY: ±5 µm / 3σ
ACF Size (mm) Width 1.0 to L 2.0 Reel diameter:Max.φ200
IC Size (mm) L 7 x W 0.7 x T 0.3 to L 30 x W 1.5 x T 1.0
Process ACF attachment Pre-bonding Final bonding
Temperature*3 40 to 120 ºC 40 to 120 ºC 40 to 320 ºC
(Backup stage:40 to 100 ºC)
Pressure 20 to 160 N 10 to 50 N 50 to 400 N
Power source 3-phase AC 200 / 220 / 380 / 400 V, 50 / 60 Hz, 6.0 kVA
Pneumatic Source 0.45 MPa, 400 L/min (A.N.R.)
Vacuum source -0.08 Mpa x 2 lines, 240 L/min (Total suction flow rate)
Dimensions *4 (mm) W 3 312 x D 1 400 x H 1 600*5 (Including IC supply unit)
Mass*4 2 700 kg
*1 : For chip-per-side bonding and double-panel transport. Varies depending on the operating conditions such as those for the process.
*2 : Based on our workpieces used for evaluation purposes
*3 : Tool temperature
*4 : Varies depending on the optional configuration
*5 : Excluding the signal tower
* The value of cycle time or bonding accuracy as an example may vary depending on the operating conditions