SEM Photo by Material and Device About Plasma Sources
Compact design
An ICP ashing unit has been combined with proven E620 etching equipment, providing a simple and compact metal etcher.
Electrostatic chuck electrode (optional)
Dual-polarity static chuck electrodes in the etching chamber improve the processing yield of devices. The reduced number of sliding parts in the chamber minimizes particle generation.
Built-in high quality ashing chamber
ICP downflow plasma can respond to any resist ashing process after metal etching. The sequence of H 2O-O 2ashing improves anti-corrosion characteristics.
Saved space
Compact machine size has been achieved by unifying the control unit into the main body. The installation space is 3.6m 2and the main body width is 1 000 mm.
Highly reliable mechanism
Synchronized transfer mechanism with an all-cam drive is adopted to transfer the wafer. The drive hardly ever malfunctions, even if the operation is irregular or there is a power failure.
Model ID E650
Wafer size 3 ~ 8 inch
Residence time 0.0414 s
Plasma source Multi-spiral-coil type ICP / RIE
Etching film TiN, Al-Si-Cu, TiN, Ti, Al, Al-Cu