SEM Photo by Material and Device About Plasma Sources
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Multi-generation module (MGM) system
Saved space
Highly reliable mechanism
Model ID E600L
Model No. NM-EFE2AA
Plasma Source ICP Plasma
Process Gas 2Lines (standard)
*Maximum 6 Lines (e.g. Chlorinated Gas, Fluoride Gas, Ar, O2, He )
Applicable Wafer ø100 mm wafer with orientation flat (standard)
*Option : ø50 mm, ø75 mm, ø50 mm (with O.F.)
Wafer Material Silicon (standard) *Option : Quartz, GaAs, Sapphire
Machine Dimensions / Weight*1 W 1170 mm × D 2650 mm, H 2100 mm / 1900 kg (Main body only)
Power Source*2 Single phase AC 200V, 6 kVA and Three-phase AC 200V, 15 kVA (Main body only)
Dry Air 0.49 M Pa to 0.54 M Pa, 40 L / min [A.N.R.]
N 2Source 0.5 M Pa to 0.7 M Pa, 50 L / min