G series manual : Discontinued model

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G Series

Caution for safety [PDF : 999KB]
Table of Contents [PDF : 386KB]
After opening a package [PDF : 386KB]
Model identification [PDF : 386KB]
Installation [PDF : 463KB]
Wiring [PDF : 400KB]
Maintenance [PDF : 409KB]
Troubleshooting [PDF : 409KB]
Working condition [PDF : 158KB]
Variable Speed Controller DVUS990GE
Caution for safety [PDF : 1,004KB]
After opening the package [PDF : 275KB]
Applicable motor [PDF : 275KB]
Before operation [PDF : 1,036KB]
Noise measure [PDF : 375KB]
Connector wiring [PDF : 222KB]
Each part and its function [PDF : 431KB]
Mounting [PDF : 301KB]
Maintenance [PDF : 442KB]
Troubleshooting [PDF : 442KB]
Specifications [PDF : 300KB]
Dimensions [PDF : 300KB]
Standards [PDF : 300KB]
CE conformity [PDF : 599KB]
For Speed Control of 3-Phase Induction Motorion Motor MICRO INVERTER SERIES
Appearance and Identification [PDF : 413KB]
Cautions [PDF : 1,761KB]
Installation [PDF : 440KB]
Wiring [PDF : 1,513KB]
Operation [PDF : 803KB]
Operation [PDF : 783KB]
Maintenance and Inspection [PDF : 931KB]
Trouble Shooting [PDF : 1,617KB]
Specifications [PDF : 971KB]
Options [PDF : 617KB]
CE conformity [PDF : 493KB]
Speed Controller SD48type
Caution for safety [PDF : 1,252KB]
After opening the package [PDF : 595KB]
Model list and applicable motor [PDF : 595KB]
Wiring diagram [PDF : 595KB]
Before operation [PDF : 1,023KB]
Wiring for motor with Cooling fan(F)Thermal protector(TP) [PDF : 416KB]
Basic wiring diagram(variable speed run) [PDF : 702KB]
Basic wiring diagram(One way + Electric brake) [PDF : 546KB]
Basic wiring diagram(Fwd/Rev run + Electric break) [PDF : 573KB]
Other wiring diagram(Multi-speed setting) [PDF : 410KB]
Wiring for Electro-magnetic brake  [PDF : 410KB]
Noise measures [PDF : 410KB]
Maintenance [PDF : 457KB]
Troubleshooting [PDF : 457KB]
Other preparations [PDF : 338KB]
Specifications [PDF : 496KB]
Dimensions [PDF : 496KB]
Standards [PDF : 496KB]
CE conformity [PDF : 777KB]
Solid-State Speed Controller for G-Series Small Induction Geared Motor DVMS1 type
When opening the package [PDF : 311KB]
Model list and applicable motors [PDF : 311KB]
Caution for safety [PDF : 484KB]
Title of each part and functions [PDF : 933KB]
Before operation [PDF : 425KB]
Installation [PDF : 396KB]
Wiring [PDF : 834KB]
Running examples [PDF : 863KB]
DIP switch setting [PDF : 508KB]
Input mode [PDF : 326KB]
Signal input and action [PDF : 704KB]
Running pattern(examples) [PDF : 729KB]
Internal equivalent circuit [PDF : 354KB]
When programmable controller is used.. [PDF : 354KB]
Soft run [PDF : 372KB]
Electric brake [PDF : 464KB]
MAX knob [PDF : 464KB]
Deceleration brake [PDF : 508KB]
Zero speed detection [PDF : 508KB]
Error detection [PDF : 198KB]
Variable speed run with analog signal [PDF : 362KB]
Parallel run [PDF : 413KB]
How to set digital setter [PDF : 1,258KB]
Maintenance [PDF : 491KB]
Troubleshooting [PDF : 922KB]
Description of symbols [PDF : 445KB]
Options [PDF : 382KB]
Specifications [PDF : 417KB]
Speed Controller SDtype
After Opening/Suitable Motor [PDF : 311KB]
Cautions When Use [PDF : 311KB]
Wire Connection for Single Direction Operation [PDF : 484KB]
With Cooling Fan Motor/Thermal Protector Motor Wire Connection [PDF : 484KB]
Basic Wire Digramation [PDF : 484KB]
Applicative Wire Diagram(When Using External Speed Set) [PDF : 484KB]
With Electro-Magnet Brake Motor Wire Diagram [PDF : 757KB]
Options [PDF : 2,350KB]
Maintenance/In Case of Trouble [PDF : 326KB]
Specifications [PDF : 326KB]
Dimensions [PDF : 326KB]