Variety of compound effect

Composite Effect of Pana-tetra in PTFE Resin

By adding tetra-fluoro-ethylene polymer (PTFE) to Pana-tetra composite, friction wear resistance and compression creep resistance can be obtained in addition to the good lubrication performance. Furthermore, it delivers stable static electricity diffusion performance suited for a variety of sliding parts, electric and electronic components, and molding resin for packing materials.

1. Improvement of wear resistance

2. Improvement of pressure resistance

Base resin: Fluorine resin/Carbon fiber

3. Improvement of anti-static characteristics

Anti-static characteristics by using Pana-tetra-only composite material

Anti-static characteristics by using Pana-tetra/carbon fiber composite material

Representative Physical Properties of PA6 (Pana-Tetra 20wt%)

Abrasion-resistant improvement effect of Pana-Tetra Compound PA6