Design Support:Power Inductors for Automotive application

  • checksiro Simulation Data Libraries

    Equivalent circuit models, and S-parameter data can be downloaded for each individual item number.

  • checksiroCAD Data

    CAD data can be download.
    (3D STEP, 3D PDF)

  • checksiro Industrial & Automotive use LC filter simulator

    The Industrial & Automotive use LC filter simulator enables the simulation of attenuation amouts when configuring a filter using Panasonic's power inductor and aluminum electrolytic capacitor suitable for industrial & automotive use.

  • checksiro Power Inductor loss simulator

    The Power Inductor loss simulator for automotive application enables the simulation of losses and temperature rises according to the current for Panasonic’s power inductors designed for automotive use.

  • checksiro Introduction of Power Inductor

    Introduction material of Power Inductor for automotive application.
    This document explains in detail the superiority of our high-reliability power inductors (Metal composite type) for automotive and industrial use through comparisons with other products and competitors.

  • checksiro Characteristic Viewer

    Characteristic Viewer is the tool which represent various characteristics of a selected part by means of a graph of the frequency axis and temperature axis, etc.

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