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Blue Direct Diode Laser

Blue Direct Diode Laser (BlueDDL) with superior beam quality

The World's First High brightness Blue Direct Diode Laser

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Blue DDL

Panasonic’s patented Wavelength Beam Combining (WBC) technology produces blue direct diode lasers with the high power and superior beam quality. Panasonic’s blue laser has unmatched performance in welding, cutting, and marking of highly reflective materials such as copper. Blue WBC technology simplifies manufacturing processes by delivering wider process windows, minimizing weld spatter, and increasing processing speeds.


Blue light is better absorbed by metals


Efficient absorption means less heat affected zone to achieve the desired result thereby reducing the potential for mechanical distortion of parts due to excessive heat input.


WBC (Wavelength Beam Combining)

From Whitelight to Rainbow

As white light passes through a prism it is diffracted into the various colors of the spectrum. WBC applies this familiar concept to laser diodes but in reverse.



Each of the many hundreds of laser diode emitters in our resonator produces a unique wavelength (color). Each of these unique beams is directed through a diffractive optic and combined with extreme precision to produce a laser beam hundreds of times brighter all while preserving the beam quality of a single emitter


BlueDDL Sample

2 stacked copper plates welding

High absorption of blue light means copper can be welded almost free of spatter with minimal heat input

High beam quality provided by WBC technology enables microfabrication. Line size is 70 μm


Blue DDL Movie

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What’s DDL (Direct Diode Laser)?

What Makes Panasonic Direct Diode Laser (DDL) Special?

Our direct diode laser is applicable not only to the metal cutting and welding, but also to the next generation thermal processing fields such as 3D printing, surface processing, and multi material processing for nonferrous metals; all of which are expected to grow.


Remote Laser Welding / Laser Cutting Robot System "LAPRISS" series

Features (Laser welding)
  1. High-quality beam with high-output(4 kW) by Direct Diode Laser oscillator
    • Low distortion & high-speed welding
      High energy density allows low heat input welding.
    • Lower running cost
      Energy conversion efficiency is more than 3 times as high as LD pumped YAG Laser, which reduces electricity costs.
  2. Great condition tolerance
    • Increased tolerance for gap and target point misalignment (Unique Spiral process and Spinning process)
  3. Easy-to-use software exclusively for Laser welding
    • Easy settings of weld conditions with Teach Pendant
  4. High functionality trepanning head - Compact, lightweight, and easy maintainability
  5. Compact robot specialized for Laser welding
    • Cables and hoses are routed through robot arm.
    • All operations can be performed through teach pendant.

Features (Laser cutting)
  1. Easy‐to‐use software exclusively for laser cutting
    • Easy programming by Teach pendant
    • Laser Navigation (Laser cutting support function)
  2. The high trajectory cuttings by daughter arm
  3. Compact robot specialized for laser cutting

Testimonial Example

Panasonic Kaga Factory - LAPRISS






Photonics West 2022

Our next generation laser technology utilizes TeraDiode’s patented wavelength beam combining process (WBC) to to create the brightest direct diode lasers the world has ever seen. Visit our booth to learn more.


January 25 - 27, 2022


The Moscone Center
San Francisco, California, United States

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