Dual Lane / Multi Production

NPM Series sales total 12,000 units achieved

Panasonic’s Flexible Dual Lane Board Handling Technology offers increased productivity and model changeover efficiency

High-mix low-volume / High-speed and mass / Highly-efficient production

Panasonic’s SPV printer maximizes Dual Lane / Flexible Production

Screen Printer SPV
  • Realizes the print style that matches the customer's production method using the substrate board shuttle system
    High-speed dual-lane layout with less investment
  • Print cycle time of 10 seconds (including clean cycle)
  • Achieve a repeat positioning accuracy of the industry's top class

Function for Dual Lane / Multi Production

Low-mix high- volume production High-mix low-volume production Reduction of intermediate stock

1 to 2

Back-to-back setup

2 in 1

Independent placement of same production MJS, independent changeover Simultaneous top/bot production

Reduces the production lead time and WIP using SPV with a simultaneous production of multiple models

Line solution supporting various kinds/volumes and Responsive manufacturing

Plug and play
Supply unit specification change Feeder cart change without machine stop
(Independent changeover)

The units can be attached to front/rear lane freely
The machine automatically recognizes the installed unit type so that the location of the unit can be changed based on the production form

Specifications of the supply unit can be changed at your factory

The feeder cart can be changed without stopping production on the opposite side lane
It can reduce changeover down time

Automatic changeover
Automatic replacement of support pins
Common sequence
MJS function

Reading PCB ID and supporting changeover enable to minimize loss time
[PCB ID read type]

Automatic replacement of support pin is also available as optional item

Utilizing the multi-job scheduler (MJS) function enables to set components for multiple production data at once

Effective changeover on high-mix low-volume production improves throughput