A wide range of variations to flexibly cope with a wide assortment of production modes (VM series)

VM series Modular Placement Machine (NM-EJM3E, NM-EJM4E)

High-speed chip line

High-mix low-volume line

Front operation

Rear / Front VM101 + VM102 VM102 + VM102 VM101 + VM101 + VM101
Placement accuracy ±30 μm (VM101)
±40 μm (VM102)
± 40 μm ± 30 μm
Max. no. of component types 200 + 20 tray part types 280 + 20 tray part types 80 + 20 tray part types
Max. speed* 71 000 cph 61 100 cph 70 100 cph
Head configuration 16-nozzle + 14-nozzle 14-nozzle + 14-nozzle 16-nozzle + 8-nozzle + 4-nozzle
  • VM101 mounts chip components at high speed
  • VM102 mounts various components ranging from chips to odd-shaped parts.
  • Coupling of VM102 machines together ensures a large number of supply slots.
  • Common sequence operation promotes efficiency in model changeover.
  • The installation of tray feeders to the front side allows for the layout of the supply unit based on one-sided operation

* Under our optimal conditions

Supply unit specs

Fixed supply unit

With cutting unit *1

Reel holder

Reel holderVM-specific reel holder capable of housing 20 or 40 pieces of 8-mm small reel.

Without cutting unit

Reel box

Reel box12 pieces of 8-mm small reels can be housed per box.

Feeder cart *2

With cutting unit *1

Feeder cartFeeder cart installable to the front-side supply unit. Inclusion of the cutting unit in the machine helps reduce/improve the weight/workability of the feeder cart.

*1: The cutting unit is included in the machine.
*2: It cannot be used for AM100/NPM series.

Capability to support different components

Front operation

The installation of tray feeders to the front side of machine enables the operator to grasp the progress of product changeover or the operating status of the machine within her/his field of view. (It is also possible to select the machine without rear supply unit.)

SPG + SPI + VM101


VM series