Compact size / High performance (VM series)

VM series Modular Placement Machine (NM-EJM3E, NM-EJM4E)

Compact size

Rotary Head Mounter Line (HT122 + BM221) -> VM series line (VM101 x 2 + VM102)

Unit (mm)

Line name Rotary Head
Mounter Line
VM series line
Max. speed* 84 545 cph 93 500 cph
Max. no. of component types 8 mm Tape
420 components
80 components
8 mm Tape
280 components
20 components
Line dimensions (mm) W 9 060 × D 2 470 × H 1 800 W 3 365 × D 2 372 × H 1 500
Component size 0402 ~ 55 mm or 150 × 25 mm 0402 ~ 120 × 90 mm or 150 × 25 mm
Placement accuracy ±50 μm VM101 : ±30 μm
VM102 : ±40 μm

* Under our optimal conditions

High performance

Placement head


Equipped with the head for NPM X series, it delivers a mounting accuracy of ±30 μm (Cpk ≧ 1).

Light-weight 16-nozzle head V2 / Light-weight 8-nozzle head / 4-nozzle head


Equipped with the 14-nozzle head capable of mounting various parts ranging from miniature to odd-shaped parts, it can be independent of PCB conditions and thus achieve an optimal line balance.

14-nozzle head / Mix changer capable of having up to 5 large nozzles and 18 small nozzles / Small nozzle changer capable of having up to 36 small nozzles

Multi-recognition camera

Type 1

Equipped with camera with the same performance as NPM to improve component recognition. Possible to build up to type 2 or 3 to realize high-quality placement.

Multi-camera (type 1)
*Standard installation

Type 2

Checks components with lead for face
Measures component thickness and reflects the result in the placement height
tip check
Checks the nozzle height regularly for any error
Checks any foreign matters adhered onto nozzle tips during component ejection

Type 3

リード浮き(QFP/SOP)/ ボール欠陥(BGA/CSP) Possible to detect the coplanarity of any leads of QFP, SOP, etc., and the presence/ absence of any ball on BGA, CSP, etc.

Useful functions for changeover

Common sequence and cut tape

  • Pre-installation of feeders used for each product PCB (common sequence) permits efficient production of multi-product PCBs.
  • Auto load feeder enables even the supply of cut tape*. (Prototype/low-volume production)

Component supply unit common sequence / Cut tape / Auto load feeder

*Please contact your sales  representative for details.

1-step action (Component pickup)

Moving the placement head step by step permits you to make adjustments while checking pickup actions.

Possible to adjust component pickup position and height while visually checking pickup.

Automatic replacement of support pins

Automates the support pin place exchange, and contributes to saving labor, or reducing errors, during changeover.


VM series