Maximized actual throughput (NPM-WX,WXS)

Modular Placement Machine NPM-WX,WXS (NM-EJM9D, NM-EJM2E)

Taking the concept and compatibility of NPM series

APC system

Feedback to the printing machine

  • Based on the analyzed measurement data from solder inspections, it corrects printing positions. (X,Y,θ)
Shifted solder -> Correction data of shifted solder

Feedforward to the placement machine

Feedforward to AOI /
Feedback to the placement machine

  • It analyzes solder position measurement data, and corrects component placement positions (X, Y, θ) accordingly.
    Chip components (0402C/R ~)
    Package component (QFP, BGA, CSP)
  • Position inspection on APC offset position
Post-printing inspection -> Standard solder placement -> Standard solder placement -> After reflow
  • The system analyzes AOI component position measurement data, corrects placement position (X, Y, θ) , and thereby maintains placement accuracy.
    Compatible with chip components, lower electrode components and lead components*2
Basic concept regarding MFB correction / MFB-ready components

*1 : APC-FB (feedback) /FF (feedforward) : 3D inspection machine of another company can be also connected. (Please ask your local sales representative for details.)
*2 : APC-MFB2 (mounter feedback2) : Applicable component types vary from one AOI vendor to another. (Please ask your local sales representative for details.)

Automatic recovery option - Pickup position automatic teach in case of an error

When pickup/recognition error occurred, the machine automatically corrects the pickup position without stopping, and resumes production.
That improves machine operation rate.
(Components : 4 mm embossed (black) / 8 mm paper/embossed (black) tape component. *Embossed tape (transparency) is not supported.)

Automatically resume production after pickup position teach

Automatic recovery option - Re-pickup of error component (retry)

In case of a pickup error, retry pickup without feeding tape. It reduces discard components

In case of an error : re-pickup (retry) at the current position *No tape feed

No discard component
because tape is not fed.*

• When re-pickup (retry) is succeeded, the error is not counted
• The number of re-pick (retry) counts can be set.

* : When re-pickup (retry) is succeeded.


Automatic recovery option - Evolved automatic recovery (predicted control)

LNB automatically analyzes the variation of pickup/recognition error rate and instructs the machine to perform teaching to prevent machine error stop.

Automatic trend analysis / Automatic recovery/teach