Evolved basic performance (NPM-DX)

Modular Placement Machine NPM-DX (NM-EJM8D)

Increased productivity/quality

High-accuracy mode OFF

Max.speed : 184 800cph*
IPC9850(1608) : 130 000cph*
Placement accuracy : ±25 μm

High-accuracy mode ON

Max.speed : 108 000cph*
IPC9850(1608) : 76 000cph*
Placement accuracy : ±15 μm

Lightweight 16-nozzle head V2 / Lightweight 8-nozzle head / 4-nozzle head

*Tact for 16NH × 4 head

Improved ability to support components


Standard installation of new functions for better workability (reduced labor needs)

Inclusion of more functions useful to reduce operator's workload as standard

Instruction of teaching component before starting operation

Extracts components on which automatic teach cannot perform though self-diagnosis at the stat of production and displays the start-up support screen after changeover.

Warning of component exhaust rush occurrence

Predicts simultaneous exhaustion of different components (rush) and notifies the operator of such rush (warning: support request)
Normally, displays the length of time before the next component exhaustion takes place on the screen.


Taking the concept and compatibility of NPM series

Data creation, the feeder cart (17-slot) , tape feeder and nozzle are compatible with NPM series
Taking the concept of NPM series Line connection with NPM-D and NPM-TT series is enabled

Dual lane and multi-production
Plug and play function 4-head location free

Feeder cart (17 inputs) / Tape feeder, Thin type single tape feeder, Single stick feeder, Autoload feeder (Under development) , 3-slot stick feeder, Stackable stick feeder (s) * (Under development)

Automatic tape splicing unit

Automates splicing of 8 mm-width tape (paper/embossed).

Machine name : ATSU / Model No. : NM-EJW7A

*L-sized one is available separately, depending on the component size.