Features (NPM-D3A)

Production Modular NPM-D3A


Light-weight 16-nozzle head V3

Light-weight 16-nozzle head V3

Adoption of the light-weight 16-nozzle head V3

Improving Placement tact time by simultaneously driving X-/Y-axes and selecting optimal pathways during component recognition operation.

Advancement of head drive unit motion control

Improving placement tact time by further advancing motion control and thereby reducing X-/Z-axis travel time.

Use of new pickup operation algorithm

Improving effective productivity by enhancing pickup algorithm for microchips.


Improved O.E.E.* (machine operation/model changeover performance)
*O.E.E. : Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Automatic recovery (option)

It automates the task to recover from any pickup or recognition error, thereby cutting downtime losses and enhancing availability.

Auto recovery teach

Remote operation (option)

It reduces operators'operating time under the remote control of center control station, thereby cutting loss of time and increasing O.E.E.

Center control station

DGS setup optimization (option)

It optimizes production involving several different models to minimize setup workloads, thereby increasing model changeover performance while cutting preparation time and increasing availability.


Setup group / Setup table



Maintenance notice service (maintenance service *1)

Cloud-based contractual service. It makes malfunction analysis based on machine info uploaded by subscriber to our cloud to find any feeder or nozzle that requires condition check, and then sends a maintenance check suggestion list containing the analysis result to the subscriber.

Malfunctioning feeder/nozzle notice

*1 : Maintenance service agreement must be concluded with us. (for details, contact our sales representative.)

Head diagnosis (option)

It automatically self-diagnoses placement heads on a regular basis and stores diagnosis histories. Keeping track of any change in the condition of each head, it performs preventive maintenance of the head, reducing losses resulting from heads and sudden machine shutdowns.

Machine head diagnosis screen / LNB history save screen