Features (AM100)

Part adaptability


LED Placement

Brightness Binning

Avoid mixing of brightness and minimizes component and block disposal.
Monitors remaining component count to avoid component exhaust during operation.

*Please ask us for nozzles that support LED components of various shapes


High productivity

High productivity/Automatic changeover option

Supporting changeover (production data and rail width adjustment) can minimize time loss

• PCB ID read-in type
PCB ID read-in function is selectable from among 3 types of external scanner, head camera or planning form


Off-line setup support station

With the support stations, offline feeder cart setup is possible even outside of the manufacturing floor.

• Two types of Support Stations are available.


Feeder setup navigator option

It is a support tool to navigate efficient setup procedure. The tool factors in the amount of time it takes to perform and complete setup operations when estimating the time required for production and providing the operator with setup instructions.
This will visualize and streamline setup operations during setup for a production line.


Operating rate improvement/Parts supply navigator option

A component supply support tool that navigates efficient component supply priorities. It considers the time left until component run-out and efficient path of operator movement to send component supply instructions to each operator. This achieves more efficient component supply.

*PanaCIM is required to have operators in charge of supplying components to multiple production lines.

Quality improvement

APC system

Feedforward to placement heads

Feed forward the offset values calculated from solder position
Chip components (0402C/R ~)
Package component (QFP, BGA, CSP)

Placement height control

Improves mounting quality by controlling the mounting height based on PCB warpage data and individual part thickness.

Automatic support pin replacement

Support pins are replaced automatically to reduce labor and operator errors during changeover.


Component Verification option

Prevents setup errors during changeover Provides an increase of production efficiency through easy operation

  • Component setup error prevention
    Prevents setup errors through verifying the AM100 downloaded production data and component barcode data
  • Array data activesync function
    There's no need to select array data; data is verified with the AM100
  • Interlock function
    Equipment stops when it has an incorrect and/or incomplete verification
  • Navigation function
    Clearly provide a verification task with data display and Intelligent feeder performance in sync
  • Scanner selection
    Users can choose either a wired or wireless scanner (PDA)

*1 Please prepare a wireless scanner and related accessories by yourself


Mounting MES software (PanaCIM-EE Gen2)

Helps improve the entire factory's productivity and quality by supporting/directing operators and contributing to better management of the factory.

Material verification

Operation analysis

External interface

Operation monitor


Material management



Automation reduces labor and helps improve quality

Automation reduces labor and helps improve quality

Feeder maintenance unit

Automatic tape splicing unit