Options (UA3P for Mechanical Parts)


Microscopic diameter of stylus tip

Applicable to micro-shapes by microscopic stylus

ø30μm Stylus (SEM enlargement)

3D form measurement

Kinds of stylus

Diameter of stylus tip Length of stylus Material of tip sphere
ø2.0mm (standard) 11mm Ruby
ø300μm 2mm
ø80μm 500μm Super-steel
ø30μm 300μm

*Stylus can be customized.


Optional functions

Supporting complicated measurement by variable options

Horizontal plane measurement

3D form measurement

Measuring horizontal plane (points) by the exclusive stylus

Observation camera unit

3D form measurement

High accuracy positioning by the observation camera unit

Microscope unit

3D form measurement

Supporting checking with eyes by the microscope unit


Main Options

  • Surface touch measurement function: by top area touch measurement, define a horizontal standard surface
  • Variety of shape evaluation software: perpendicularity, concentricity, parallelism, thickness
  • 3D path software: from the measurement object 3D-CAD model, auto-generate measurement path
  • Camera viewing function: easy to approach micro-parts
  • Variety of stylus: tip dimensions of ø30μm, ø80μm, ø120μm, ø300μm, ø1mm, ø2mm