Features (FPX007FG/FF)


Support not only for FOG bonding but for FOF bonding to TCP

• Covering a wide range of applications ranging from narrow bezel LCD to flexible AMOLED panels

• Realization of switching between methods through installation of panel flip system and unification of FOG/FOF bonding surfaces*

• Adoption of new type of handling system ready for resin panels, a warpage correction system and recognition lighting

*The panel flip system to switch between methods

Bonding pattern : FOG / FOF / FOP

No flip / Flip

Panel flip system


High versatility

• Mount universal pre-bonding tool for improving versatility

• Easy changeover by adjustment of short pre-bonding tools, unnecessary arrange of pre-bonding tool for each model

need 25 tools, increments of 5mm / Only adjustment of short pre-bonding tool layout

Pre-Bonding head

High productivity

• Realization of high-speed bonding through use of compact design to minimize systems and reduction in stroke

• Realization of non-stop supply of parts through use of parts supply units equipped with the alternate function

Line solution

• Realization of improved operation analysis/operation through enhancement of the line control function (CIM)