Features (FPX007CG/FP)


Ready for four bonding methods-COG/FOG/FOP/COP

• Covering a wide range of applications from narrow bezel LCD panel to flexible AMOLED panel and future COP bonding

• Exchanging parts supply units allows for exchanging between IC/TCP bonding methods

• Adoption of new type of handling system ready for plastic panels, a warpage correction system and recognition lighting

Bonding pattern : COG / FOG / FOP / COP

Actualization of high accuracy bonding

• Inheritance of tried-and-true rigidity pre-bonding head (fixed-point bonding)

• Realization of high accuracy bonding through use of high resolution camera, unique warpage correction system and recognition lighting

Pre-bonding head to realize high accuracy bonding

High productivity

• Realization of high-speed bonding through use of compact design to minimize systems and reduction in stroke

• Realization of non-stop supply of parts through use of parts supply units (IC/TCP)equipped with the alternate function

New type IC supply unitNew type TCP supply unit

Pursuit of high quality

• Use of high rigidity head frame in the final bonding unit to minimize reaction forces under pressure conditions as well as the bonding shift amount at the final bonding unit

• Inheritance of all tried-and-true COG bonding technologies

New high rigidity final bonding head

Line solution

• Realization of improved operation analysis/operation through enhancement of the line control function (CIM)