About Plasma Sources

SEM Photo by Material and Device About Plasma Sources
In addition to the conventional ICP (Inductive Coupling Plasma source), an advanced ICP has been newly developed.
MSC System Advanced ICP
High accuracy: microprocessing and etching at a high aspect ratio are enabled by means of low pressure, high-density plasma.
*Plasma density (to 1012cm-3) *Plasma uniformity (±4.0)

High efficiency: High power efficiency is realized by the use of a low-inductance coil.
*Wider matching area provides a large plasma area.
*High efficiency of 1.5 or more times that of the single spiral method system.

Ion saturation current density distribution
(Advanced ICP)
Ion saturation current VS the Advanced-ICP power
Low damage: Low damage etching is enabled due to highly uniform non-magnetic plasma.
Easy control: Since the plasma density and ion energy can be controlled independently of each other, process conditions can be set up easily.
Long service life: Wear of the top window caused by sputtering is reduced due to special heating equipment, which is also for Farad-shield.