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Good uniform plasma processing in large area

Multi Spiral Coil type ICP


• High density plasma without power-loss under low pressure
• Good etching uniformity in large area

Good control of wafer temperature by batch processing system

Multi wafer direct cooling system


• Good control of wafer temperature by direct chucking wafer
• High speed, good uniformity and good control of etching profile


Every single wafer is directly contacted to ESC, even multi-wafer etching in one batch.
Good cooling efficiency can realize HIGH RF Power, HIGH Etching Rate and HIGH Throughput.


Multi-wafer is transferred in a tray and etched at once.
The number of loading wafers on a tray depends on wafer size.


* According to Φ300 mm wafer processing, please consult us separately.

Various application and abundant etching performance



GaN : High speed & good uniform etching
Sapphire substrate : High speed & good uniform etching
Taper angle control is possible

* Concerning details of etching data, please inquire us.