Process units (NPM-W2)


Solder Inspection (SPI) ・Component Inspection (AOI) - Inspection head

Solder Inspection

  • Solder appearance inspection

Mounted component Inspection

  • Appearance inspection of mounted components

Pre-mounting foreign object*1 inspection

  • Pre-mounting foreign object inspection of BGAs
  • Foreign object inspection right before sealed case placement

*1: Foreign object is available to chip components.

SPI and AOI automatic switching

  • Solder and component inspection is switched automatically according to production data.

Unification of inspection and placement data

  • Centrally managed component library or coordinate data does not require two data maintenance of each process.

Automatic link to quality information

  • Automatically linked quality information of each process assists your defect cause analysis.


Adhesive Dispensing - Dispensing head

Screw-type discharge mechanism

  • Panasonic's NPM has the conventional HDF discharge mechanism, which ensures the high-quality dispensing.

Supports various dot/drawing dispensing patterns

  • High accuracy sensor (option) measures local PCB height to calibrate dispensing height, which allows for non-contact dispensing on PCB.

Self-Alignment Adhesive

Our ADE 400D series is a high-temperature curing SMD adhesive with good component self-alignment effect.
This adhesive is also suitable for use in SMT lines to fix bigger components.

After the solder melts, self-alignment and component sinking occurs.