System Software


High-quality mounting - APC system*

Feedback to the printing machine

Feedforward to mounting heads

Feedforward to AOI

  • Based on the analyzed measurement data from solder inspections, it corrects printing positions.(X,Y, θ)
  • Solder position measurement and feedforward
    Chip components(0402C/R ~)
    Package component (QFP, BGA, CSP)
  • Position inspection on APC offset position

*3D inspection equipment of another company can be also connected. Please inquire with your sales representative for more details.

High-quality mounting - Component verification option

Prevents setup errors duringchangeover and increases production efficiency through easy operation

*Please prepare a wireless scanner and related accessories by yourself

• Component setup error prevention
Prevents setup errors through verifying the NPM-W downloaded production data and component barcode data
• Array data activesync function
There's no need to select array data; data is verified with the NPM-W
• Interlock function
Equipment stops when it has an incorrect and/or incomplete verification
• Navigation function
Clearly provide a verification task with data display and intelligent
feeder performance in sync
• Scanner selection
Users can choose either a wired or wireless scanner (PDA)
High productivity - Automatic changeover option

Supporting changeover (production data and rail width adjustment) can minimize time loss

  • PCB ID read-in type
    PCB ID read-in function is selectable from among 3 types of external scanner, head camera or planning form
High productivity - Off-line setup support station

With the support stations, offline feeder cart setup is possible anywhere even outside of the manufacturing floor.

  • Two types of Support Stations are available.


Open interface - Host communication option

Able to standardize the interfacing with your systems currently used. Provides data communication with our standard interfaces.

• Events
Outputs a real-time event of equipment
• Other company's component verification
Communicates with your component verification systems
• Component management data
Component remaining quantity data: Outputs component remaining quantity data
Trace data: Outputs data linked with component information (*1) and PCB information (*2)
(*1) Requires input of component information with a component verification option or an other company's component verification system I/F
(*2) Requires input of PCB information with automatic changeover option
Quality improvement - Quality information viewer

This is software designed to support a grasp of changing points and analysis of defect factors through the display of quality-related information (e.g., feeder positions used, recognition offset values and parts data) per PCB or placement point. In case of our inspection head introduced, the defect locations can be displayed in association with quality-related information

Quality information viewer

*PC is required for every line. It cannot be shared with the NPM-DGS.

Quality information viewer window
Quality information viewer window

Example of use of quality information viewer

Identifies a feeder used for mounting of defect circuit boards. And if, for example, you have many misalignments after splicing, the defect factors can be assumed to be due to ;
  1. splicing errors (pitch deviation is revealed by recognition offset values)
  2. changes in component shape (wrong reel lots or venders)
So you can take quick action to the misalignment correction.