Placement Heads


Machine Configuration

Rear & Front
Feeder Layout

Single Tray Layout

Twin Tray Layout

60 different components can be mounted from 16mm tape feeders.


13 fixed feeder slots are available.
PoP tray mounting is possible via a transfer unit.


While one tray is used for production, the other tray can simultaneously be used to setup the next production in advance.



Large Board

Single-lane specifications (Selection spec.)

Large Board up to 750 x 550 mm can be handled

Dual-lane specifications (Selection spec.)

Large boards (750 x 260 mm) can be handled collectively.
Boards (up to a size of 750 x 510 mm) can be handled collectively during single transfer.

Large Components

Compatible to component sizes up to 150 × 25 mm

LED Placement

Brightness Binning

Avoid mixing of brightness and minimizes component and block disposal.
Monitors remaining component count to avoid component exhaust during operation.

* Please ask us for nozzles that support LED components of various shapes


Other functions
  • Global bad mark recognition function
    Reduces in travel/recognition time to recognize bad marks
  • PCB standby between machines
    (with the extension conveyor attached)
    Minimizes the PCB (750 mm) change time
Quality improvement

Placement height control function

Based on PCB warpage condition data and thickness data of each of the components to be placed, the control of placement height is optimized to improve mounting quality.

Operating rate improvement

Feeder location free

Within same table, feeders can be set anywhere. Alternate allocation as well as setting of new feeders to produce in next production can be done while the machine is in operation.

*Feeders will require off-line data input by support station (option).


Alternate, Independent & Hybrid Placement

Selectable "Alternate" and "Independent" dual placement method allows you to make good use of each advantage.

• Alternate :
Front and rear heads execute placement on PCBs in front and rear lanes alternately.
• Independent :
Front head executes placement on PCB in front lane and rear head execute placement on rear lane.

Automatic replacement of support pins

Automate position change of support pins to enable non-stop changeover and help save man-power and operation errors.