Emotion and physical condition sensing



Using two types of cameras and Panasonic’s image processing technology, this sensing technology can detect a person's emotions, drowsiness and sense of being hot or cold in a contactless manner.

Developmental Background

A system that understands human emotion and physical condition is in demandto tailor the social environment to individual needs

  • Detect driver’s drowsiness & irritation to ensure safe driving
  • Analyze customers’ preferences to utilize in marketing
  • Visualize employees’ stress levels to improve working styles
  • Detect users’ annoyances to improve product usability
  • Exams based on each student‘s academic level to give confidence and inspire their willingness to study
  • Detect each user’s positive & negative moods to understand their preferences

Developed Technology

Technology that deduces human emotion and physical condition based on multiple biological information items obtained through a video camera and thermal camera


  1. Complex human physical conditions such as emotion, drowsiness, and thermal sensing (whether feeling warm or cold) can be accurately deduced
  2. Non-intrusive natural sensing using only two cameras
  3. Highly accurate condition detection taking account of individual differences, subject’s clothing, and environmental influences

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